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Accelerated Cellular Detox with Scalar Frequencies to further detox from heavy metals and insecticides

I have always loved Sara’s products ... Accelerated Silver along with Accelerated Detox Powder have made my recovery unbelievably faster. I noticed a difference the first three days.
I highly recommend her products."

— Andrew F.

I have always loved Sara’s products ... Accelerated Silver along with Accelerated Detox Powder have made my recovery unbelievably faster. I noticed a difference the first three days.
I highly recommend her products.

— Andrew F.


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Optimal health begins with removing the toxic burden placed on our body.

Soaks up Poisons, including Alcohol and other Toxic Chemicals

Supports Digestive Health, Improved Regularity & Decreased Bloating

Supports Kidney and Liver Function

Improves Skin Health

May Help Lower Cholesterol

May Support Oral Health

Promotes Wound Healing

Can be safely taken long term for continual health

100% Organic Formula

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Micronized Zeolite:

A volcanic mineral with a hollow cage like structure and a negative charge. Zeolite pulls thousands of different toxins from the body including ammonia. Most poisons including heavy metals have a positive charge. So, the zeolite acts like a magnet to pull toxins into it and bind them up for safe removal from the body.

Human Grade Diatomaceous Earth:

Detoxifies the body & Kills Parasites and Fungus

Organic Psyllium:

Expands and acts like a sponge, cleaning the whole digestive tract and creating regularity

Organic Triphala:

An Ayurvedic herb that balances the digestive system, regulates bowel movements and balances the doshas: water, fire and air.

Organic Slippery Elm:

Helps create mucilage, making stools softer, in additional to coating ulcers, and bringing down inflammation for people with IBS or colitis. Now with double the Slippery Elm!

Activated Charcoal from Eastern Hardwoods:

Helps soak up poisons and other toxic chemicals, lower cholesterol levels, decrease intestinal gas, prevent hangovers, reduce acne and improve skin health

Directions for Use

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Mix 1-2 teaspoons in water or juice and drink immediately

Tastes great with a combination of water, 1 tbsp of Apple cider Vinegar or lemon juice, and stevia.

Best taken right before bed.

Take at least one hour apart from any prescription drug.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does Micronizing the Zeolite Do?

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The Accelerated Cellular Detox contains slippery elm and charcoal. I thought those two needed to be taken separately because the charcoal will absorb the slippery elm. Is that not accurate?

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Can I take Accelerated Cellular Detox powder everyday?

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