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Hi, I’m Sara Banta.
I’m a health coach, natural supplement expert, and busy mom of three teenagers. My goal is to help others Accelerate their Body, Mind and Spirit by providing natural and innovative solutions to families for their health and nutritional needs.
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A Little About My Journey

My goal wasn't to become a Health & Wellness Expert...
but life had other plans for me!

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Client Success Stories

“I have lost almost 100lbs since beginning my weight loss journey. I met my goal weight a full year ago and have been able to maintain it by continuing to follow a ketogenic way of eating and using the Detox Bundle!

Now it’s about having the health and energy to live the long, full life I still have ahead of me, and feeling GREAT along the way.” Read full story →

—Erin B.

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Meet Sara’s Line of Cutting-Edge Products

Accelerated Scalar Silver 16 oz bottle

Accelerated Scalar Silver™

Ultra fine pure Scalar Silver™ solution

Accelerated Keto veggie caps

Accelerated Keto

Exogenous ketones with synergistic cofactors

jar of Accelerated Cellular Detox powder

Accelerated Cellular Detox®

A 100% Organic Daily Detoxifier

dropper bottle of Acceleradine

Acceleradine® Iodine

100% bioactive, true ionic iodine

dropper bottle of Accelerated NucNoMore radiation detox scalar ormes formula

Accelerated NucNoMore®

Scalar charged ORMES formula

5 piece Anytime Reset Bundle

Anytime Reset Bundle

Reset your metabolism, boost energy & clear brain fog

Accelerated Scalar Silver, Accelerated NucNoMore and Acceleradine iodine

Thyroid & Radiation Detox Bundle

Detox from radiation while boosting Energy & Metabolism

6 piece Keto Detox Kit

Keto Detox Kit

Bundle & Save 15% on my customizable detox kit

bottle of Restore, bottle of Accelerated Scalar Silver and canister of Oxylent

The Kids' Kit

Easy-to-drink immune-boosting supplements, great for kids & adults!

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Sara’s Top Immune Boosters

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