Accelerated Silver

Accelerated Silver, formerly Scaler SilverAccelerated Silver has the ability to kill many pathogens – VIRUSES, BACTERIA, AND FUNGUS INCLUDED – with NO KNOWN NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS on any human enzymes or any part of the human body chemistry.

Because of Accelerated Silver’s support of the immune system, it is a powerful protector against aging.

All degenerative diseases and other pathogens thrive in an Acidic environment – caused by stress, acidic foods (such as coffee, alcohol, beef, sugar, gluten, etc) and environmental toxins. Accelerated Silver puts the human body in an extremely Alkaline state where no pathogen can survive for more than 4-6 minutes upon contact.

Unlike with antibiotics, pathogens (ie. bacteria, viruses, etc) cannot mutate into silver-resistant forms. In other words, pathogens can become resistant to Antibiotics but not to Accelerated Silver.

Unlike other silvers, Accelerated Silver acts more like a “gas” in the body and can achieve 100 percent penetration into the cells, compared to only 6 percent with Colloidal Silver.

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We’d love for you to see the visible difference Accelerated Silver makes at the cellular level within your bloodstream. Click on the video below to watch.



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Price: $35.00 for one 16 oz bottle

Case Discount: 1 case (16 bottles) – $400 (savings of $10 per bottle)

Some of the many ailments that have been improved with Accelerated Silver:

  • Flu virus
  • Bacterial infections, such as Strep Throat and Staph Infection
  • Fungus
  • Ear Infections
  • Pink Eye and Other Eye Infections
  • Acne, Warts, Skin Irritations and Rashes
  • Canker Sores and other Infections of the Mouth
  • Parasitic Infections
  • Pneumonia and Bronchitis
  • Food Poisoning
  • Lowers Blood Sugar
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Lymes Disease
  • Yeast Infections and Candida
  • Inflammation
  • Diabetes
  • Auto-Immune Diseases
  • Helps with the Absorption of Minerals and Supplements, thus helps with Anemia
  • Fatigue

*Disclaimer: These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA and are anecdotal testimonials, but the product is undergoing FDA testing now and is also shared by hundreds of customers worldwide.

Directions: Put a ½ Tbsp under the tongue for 60 seconds and then swallow. Do so 2-3 times daily for maintenance of health, and up to 5-6 times a day for improved health and detoxification. For Intense usage, take every 90 minutes for an acute ailment, such as a cold, flu or chronic disease. If possible, apply directly to affected area (i.e. put inside the ear for an ear infection, or spray onto a skin irritation directly). If taking probiotics, take it 1-2 hours apart from each other.

Order the Glass Dropper Bottle for a convenient way to take Accelerated Silver with you wherever you go!

For Stage 4 Head, Neck, & Throat Cancer – Metastatic Spread to the Lungs

Before I started using Accelerated Silver, I had a lot of inflammation all around my lungs that didn’t seem to get any better, in addition to having nodules that were in danger. One cancer tumor was slowly growing instead of shrinking. Furthermore, I had a nasty tumor at the base of my tongue that was wrapping around my esophagus that shrunk with the combination of chemo, radiation treatments and the use of Accelerated Silver. Within the first two weeks of using Accelerated Silver, I had a Pet Scan that revealed complete clearing of the lungs and that the tumor shrunk to almost nothing. Then I started using Liquid BioCell Collagen along with the Accelerated Silver. Things improved significantly for me after that. My blood work is perfect, and it wasn’t before I started using these amazing Accelerated Health Products. On the next Scan the tumor disappeared completely, and I am now Cancer Free and in REMISSION! That’s after being given a dismal 30 percent chance to get where I am!

Thank You Accelerated Silver & Liquid Bio Cell!

— Lewis

For Immune System Support

I am so happy with this Accelerated Silver! It literally saved my life! I breathed in mold into my lungs 5 yrs ago in my LA apartment and it caused all kinds of allergies and severe health issues. I got so weak I was in a wheelchair and on oxygen and only 44 yrs old! Im 46 now and walking and going places and have my life back thanks to the Accelerated Silver!! I take 1 teaspoon a day 4 times per day with each meal. I never miss a dose…I had lots of die off symptoms and over time they all left.

I went to top doctors at UCLA hospital and they could only offer me a drug that just about killed me after one dose! So I found the Silver after extensive trial and error with other silvers and this one hands down is super powerful and works. I also spray it on my skin, gargle with it and spray it on my bathroom, etc. NO side effects and safe! I’m super sensitive to everything and this is like drinking water…no side effects. I’m so happy I found this website! All of my friends take 1 tablespoon daily and never get colds or sick anymore, even though everyone in their office is sick during flu season! Thank God for this wonderful silver and Sara, as most silvers cost so much more and they don’t ever offer this 2000 PPM ever!

— Keith

I’m taking Silver & Gold, and I just want to say that I think they’re wonderful. I just got cured from an infection in my throat in 2 days. It would’ve taken 10 days before, honestly. Thank you Miss Banta!”

— Ana H.

My husband and I were very impressed with the rapid healing we experience with Accelerated Silver when our family was hit with a bad case of the flu. Within 24 hours of ingesting regular shots of Silver, our fevers had broken and we were on the upswing. Normally I get very large cold sores when sick, and had felt & seen one begin to start up. I believe that taking the Silver orally also prevented the cold sore from developing as it also completely disappeared with our fevers.

— Melissa

I am now a believer…Skylar was really sick a couple of weeks ago (fever between 103-4 and just not herself, i.e., low energy, lack of appetite, etc.) We kept her home from school and her activities for 5 days, until she was well again. However, at the end of last week and shortly after returning back to school, her nose started dripping with a few shallow coughs every so often. She was also starting to slow down a little again, not bouncing off the walls, and really clingy and sensitive. I knew that she was on the verge of coming down with something else, thanks to an already weakened immune system. (Sara’s) Facebook post (about silver) was really timely, because I saw it yesterday afternoon and thought: ‘You know what, it can’t hurt. I need to do something proactive to keep another illness at bay.’ Based on (Sara’s) advice, I started giving it to her immediately (orally and also via nasal spray up her nose). Just shy of 24 hours later, her nose is almost completely clear and she is full of energy! I am amazed. Don’t know why I didn’t just believe you (Sara) in the first place! Thanks again!”

— Kasey S.

I used the (Accelerated) silver one night only in my ear for, and it totally cleared up the pain. Amazing!!! Have been taking silver regularly to ward off any bugs that might be going around and so far so good.”

— J.H.

You won’t believe it but the very night that we saw you Gavin got super super sick and ended up with Croup. Towards the end of the week Owen started coughing a lot…dry cough and no runny nose. He was coughing so much that he couldn’t even sleep. We had been giving him Albuterol in the breathing machine and I finally decided to try the (Accelerated) silver. I gave him the (Accelerated) silver before bed one night plus a little Benadryl to help him sleep and he didn’t cough at all. I gave him another treatment in the morning and nothing else and no coughing for the day and I gave him another that night. Long story short the cough that would not go away went away with the (Accelerated) silver. I have even started to give Gavin the (Accelerated) silver breathing treatments every now and again just to get it in his system and help keep him healthy. I’m not sure if that is the best way to go but I figure it can’t hurt. I just wanted to let you know that it was helpful and that is what I am going to use from now on the minute the boys are getting a cold and start coughing since it immediately goes into their chest. Thanks!”

— Janet

My husband had this infection that made his tongue swell up and grew some brown fur on it – it was so gross! He swished the (Accelerated) Silver around in his mouth throughout the day, and it was immediately feeling better and fully gone within 36 hours!

[He also] felt a sinus infection coming on, and he filled a dropper full of Accelerated Silver and tilted his head back, putting it into his nose and sinus. The problem went away within a couple of hours!!”

— Danielle D. P.

I gave my brother a dropper full of Accelerated Silver yesterday. He was feeling a chest cold and sore throat. Gone!! All symptoms gone. He used it a few times during the day. Thank you.”

— Patti B. D.

I will need another Accelerated Silver! My little guy is sick again with a cough. But so cute…Blake says, ‘Mom, I need some Accelerated Silver’. So I gave it to him and he says, ‘Mom I could drink the whole bottle! And Mom I feel better already!'”

— Patti and Blake

Yesterday morning my three month old woke up with a nasty eye infection, puss was keeping him from opening his swollen eye. It was sad. I was hesitant at first to use the (Accelerated) Silver on him, but remembered you said it was safe for infants. After spraying his eye on the hour all day, by nightfall the puss was clear, and his eye no longer swollen. So wonderful to avoid giving him an antibiotic!”

— Noel

We are all taking Accelerated Silver. It has cleared canker sores, prevented an ear infection, cleared up a few sore throats.”

— Amy I.

I have had these canker sores or some kind of sores in my mouth and they weren’t going away – only getting worse. So I just tried swishing the Scaler Silver in my mouth for awhile, and they are gone today!”

Ever since I have been taking the Accelerated Silver daily, in addition to feeling more energetic and healthier in general, I haven’t had one cold sore! I can’t believe it!!!”

— Anonymous

For Skin Conditions

My daughter had been dealing with badly-infected diaper sores for 5 months. We had tried all different types of diapers, creams, and even gone through several courses of antibiotics (both topical and oral) prescribed by a dermatologist, with no avail. We tried different colloidal silvers for a month with little to no improvement. Finally we ordered Accelerated Silver and began spraying that onto her rash as well as a fine mist onto her cloth diapers. It instantly began to fade and within a couple of weeks had completely cleared!

— Melissa

For Energy and More

Ever since I’ve been taking the Accelerated Silver, I have never felt better – even Happier. I have had no particular issue to test it on, but thus a far a BIG thank you to YOU!! I was not expecting the ‘Happy’ factor, and I sure do feel so and much more consistent energy.”

— Vicki

I wanted to let you know that we love the (Accelerated) Silver! I definitely feel more energy, but let me tell you about my husband and son. My husband unfortunately inherited his dad’s genes for being more susceptible to gout. Though he has only had it once, the day I bought the (Accelerated) silver from you, he felt it starting and he took the (Accelerated) silver and it completely went away. He is taking the (Accelerated) silver everyday now.

My son came home from SC this past weekend and his terrible sore throat had turned into a bad cold and he took several doses of the (Accelerated) silver throughout the weekend and he is back to normal. Thanks again.”

— Kathy S.

I take thyroid medication for Hypothyroidism. When I started taking the Accelerated Silver, I purposely didn’t take my thyroid medication to see how it would make me feel. I took it throughout the day, and at the end of the day I still had a lot of energy – I couldn’t believe it. I am definitely a believer!”

— Julie P.